Best AdSense Alternative’s For Bloggers 2021 is a contextual ad network that displays ads based on the content of your websites. Publishers monetize their traffic by placing ads on the site, and advertisers pay for ads that appear on the site. The amount you earn depends on many factors, such as traffic, quality, niche, ad layout, demographics, geographic traffic, location and more.


Bidvertiser is one of the oldest and best AdSense Alternatives and a leading advertising firm in the publishing of unique pay-per-click advertisements. Bidvertiser helps you add financial value to your website by entering various ad formats, sliders, programmatic ads, display banners, etc.

These advertising programs offer greater reach and help to achieve better results and consistent revenue for publishers.


Infolink is an online advertising platform that enables bloggers and website owners to make money from their websites by displaying relevant ads to their visitors. Infolink generates new revenue for publishers by delivering intent-based ads to non-traditional sites.


VigLink is a monetization tool that helps you make money from links on your website or blog. When you publish content, VigLink takes care of monetization for you. Executed in detail, it converts your mentions of merchants into revenue that generates hyperlinks to destinations with predefined automated bids, giving you the highest available price.


Skimlinks is a monetization platform for online publishers including editorial websites, forums, bloggers, social networks and tech-focused app developers to link product links to content published online. Skimlinks with the content you create and post on your website, Skimlinks creates affiliate links that share products that are relevant to your content with your users.

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