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Microsoft released a beta version of Bing Desktop on April 4th, 2012, a program designed to allow users to search on the Bing desktop. Bing Desktop allows users to launch web searches on the desktop, display news headlines, set their background from the image of the Bing home page, and select a background from the previous nine wallpapers.

Microsoft today renamed its search engine Bing as part of a rebranding to Microsoft Bing. While the vast majority of people will probably still call the search engine Bing, Microsoft announced today in a blog post its conversion to Microsoft Bing.


In the ten years since Yahoo launch, the Internet has become so large and ubiquitous that it is easy to be inundated with information. Over the years the company has wrestled with geo-cities, with many people creating their first bonker-looking personal websites on Yahoo Groups, and generations joining their first list servers, forums and all sorts of subcultures, such as NSFW content on Tumblr.


DuckDuckGo is a search engine that provides mobile browsers, applications and desktop extensions that let you surf the Internet without companies eavesdropping your personal information. It does not track users’ searches, nor does it share personal information with third parties.


Yandex itself has more in common with leading search engines such as Google and Bing. Judging by the evidence, Yandex resembles other search engines and is not a separate microcosm of its own ecosystem.

While it offers a search engine experience that is very similar to those of Google or Bing, it also has its user data practices, some of which are less than desirable.


Baidu offers various services to find information, products and services using Chinese search terms such as Chinese phonetics search, advanced search, snapshot spell checker, stock prices, news (also known as a postbar), images, videos, space information, weather, trains and flight schedules and other local information.

Baidu also has a fixed ranking service that allows customers to view queries with sensitive text links in specific locations on its search results pages.


Startpage is a search engine that doesn’t track you, but still delivers results directly from Google, and it delivers results without Google’s privacy policy (similar to DuckDuckGo). Startpage searches deliver profiled results that protect users from the annoying ads and price trackers that follow them on the Web.

Startpage has been a privacy-focused search engine since 2006, and several major improvements have been made as the people become increasingly suspicious of the collecting of data from tech giants.

The result is a search engine that feels similar to Google, but with Google’s propensity for personalized search and advertising, rather than the required data collection of 15 years ago.


Ecosia is a non-profit organization that diverts revenue that is not needed to cover its overheads, taxes and marketing efforts into tree-planting initiatives. After paying the operating and marketing costs, Ecosia invests the rest as a tree planting organisation in long-term projects.

Ecosias policy is that it does not plant trees for businesses or industries, including fossil fuels, weapons, industrial agriculture, mining and airlines.

Ask Search Engine

Ask search engine similar to websites like Yahoo Answers, users can ask questions and get answers. The original Ask Jeeves search tool presented a combination of results from a man-made list of prominent sites, paid listings, and search results drawn from combinations of search and partner sites. When Ask JEEVE tried to capture Yahoo Answer’s territory by focusing on Q & A with real people, the company ended its foray into search engine development in 2010.


Qwant was founded in 2013 to protect its users by not collecting personal information. During the development phase, Qwants search was supported by Bing in addition to its own indexing functions. Qwant is one of the few EU-based search engines with its own indexing engine.


WolframAlpha iPad Take the WolframAlpha Answer Engine and put it on the iPad for just $38.99 on eBay. It is convenient to visit WolframAlphas in Safari where you can save your favorite preferences, view your history, and much more. The answer engine is designed to take advantage of the on-screen iPads.

Wolfram alpha is not for everyone, but if you take advantage of its special search capabilities, it is worth buying the reply engine.

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