Download backlinks checker php y

Download Backlinks Checker PHP Script For WordPress

To start your backlinks checker tool site then, first you have to download this php script in .zip format and upload this .zip file in hosting file manager then select public_html then upload this .zip format file and extract.

Requirements to start this tool:

  1. Web hosting
  2. Moz account

Website Hosting

If you want to start your make backlink checker tool for visitors, in this backlink checker script you doesn’t need to create any database for your website just upload the given script in your file manager.

MOZ account

If yo want to start backlink checker tool then you must have to purchase Moz pro account to get API, then you have to paste this API key on your tool script.

Open hosting service

open C panel where you have purchased Hosting plans. Hosting services allow users to host their website and website files and media links like:zip files, php, html, videos sand all language’s to whom your websites are built.

Now go to services and than client area.

Open File manager

open file manager and select this backlinks checker tool script code to upload in file manager.

Visit Public_html

Now open public_html and open it. Upload Backlinks Checker php script select backlinks checker tool script .zip file and upload in file manager.

Extract backlink checker script

Now select your .zip file and extract to view your tool.

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