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A website (also known as a written website) is a collection of websites and related content identified by a common domain name and released on one or more web servers. It is sometimes referred to as a website, but this definition is incorrect because a website consists of several websites.

Websites can be dedicated to a specific topic or purpose, such as news, education, commerce, entertainment or social networks. Private websites can be accessed via a private network, e.g. Via an in-house website or by its employees.

Websites are created and controlled by groups, individuals, organizations or a company to serve a variety of purposes. Websites come in endless variations, including education websites, news sites, pornographic sites, forums, social media sites and e-commerce sites.

Organic Traffic

To generate high organic traffic through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you have to write good contents and article in your blog.

To generate organic traffic you have to follow these points:

Keyword Research

Through Keywords research you can find density of a keyword. If the density of a keyword is under 20 or below 20 means you can rank easily on Google first page. If the density of a keyword is above 20 and below 60 means you have work hard to rank. If the density of a keyword is above 60 means it’s very difficult to rank on Google and take more than 8+ moths to rank.


By creating backlinks on other websites to your site we can also increase our blog traffic. To make backlinks you have to find a list of websites related to your niche. After finding you can contact with website owners and ask them to paste your link in their posts. By using these techniques you can also create backlinks and increase your website traffics.

How you can increase traffic:

  1. If you have a backlinks from other sites and that sites getting traffic 22.1k/month on their blog then you will also get chance to get traffic from their websites.

2. Social Media platforms

In todays world every one uses social media platforms to share their images, videos, and many more. By using social media you can increase your website traffic and you can sell your affiliate products to generate revenue.

List of social media platforms which are us in daily life:

1. Facebook


Facebook is sharing platform where you can upload your upload your images and videos by just creating your account. In this platform the best feature is we can create groups and we can join to any group also.

By just creating your Facebook account and simply sharing links you won’t get any traffic to your site. To get traffic you have to create groups and then you have to add more than 100 people’s or members in your group then only you will get more traffic.

2. Instagram

Instagram is also a sharing platform where you can share your images, videos and also can daily add stories in your account.

To generate traffic, you need to create account and after creating your account you have to increase your followers. If you have a more followers that means when ever you share any images, videos or links are liked bh followers and those followers also visit your website and you get traffic.

3. Whatsapp

Using Whatsapp you can increase your website traffic by creating your group account. You can join friends, relatives or any one by just sharing your group invitation link. Then ask your group members to search your website name and read any 2 or 3 articles. By this way you can increase your site traffic.

Don’t share your website url links in WhatsApp group, if you did this Google can suspended your account. So, tell them to search on Google by typing your website name and then open to read site articles.

4. Twitter


5. YouTube

Youtube is a video sharing platform. Where visitors watch your videos. If you want to drive traffic from YouTube to your site make a video and try to solve their questions or share any information what they don’t know. And in description pate your website link to visit and read website articles.

6. Quora

Quora is a

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