How To Create Social Share Buttons In WordPress

How To Create Social Share Buttons In WordPress

How To Create Social Share Buttons In WordPress

Hey everyone IAM Abhishek D’mundu, today IAM going tell you how to create social share buttons in wordpress in simple steps, so follow our steps and IAM sure that you will get 100% result.

Types of social share buttons

  • Standard share buttons
  • Floating share buttons

Shapes of Social Share buttons




Placements means where you want to show your social share buttons

  • Homepage
  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Excerpts and Posts
  • PageCategory
  • ArchivesArchive Pages (Category, Tag, Author or Date based pages)Attachments

Process to create social share buttons

  1. Open WordPress admin panel, on top plugin search bar search Sassy social share.
  2. Then install the plugin, now click on activate button.
  3. After activated, the Sassy social share option will be shown on side bar.
  4. Now open sassy social share, then on top bar select Standard Share option.
  5. Then select the list of social share icons, which you want to show in your website.
  6. After that,scroll down and select the placements of share buttons where you want list out them.
  7. After selection, you have to scroll down and click on save changes.

How to change shapes of social share icons.

To change your social icons,open sassy social share then select theme selection and scroll down then you have to choose social icons shape ex. ( Round, Square, Rectangle )Then, visit your website and see whether the social buttons are visible or not.

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