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Hey everyone I’m Abhishek Di’mundu and today I’m going to share my own process on how to optimize your images or compress in WordPress by simple process.

Without wasting time here IAM writing process on how to optimize images in WordPress by two methods:

Download Smush Plugin

Method – 1

Go to dashboard of your WordPress site. ( example.com/wp-admin/ )

Then,go to plugin option and click on Add New.

After that, search plugin name “Smush Image Optimization” .

Install the plugin, then activate “Smush plugin“.

After activated, the plug-in name will list out in left sidebar in WordPress.

Method – 2

Go to Smush plugin in left sidebar, and then click on dashboard.

Important Settings

  1. Image Size [ Custom ]
  2. Automatic Compression [On]
  3. Metadata [On]
  4. Image Resizing [Off]

If there is a high size image in our media, then then the option of automatic Compression which we activated, through this our image size will compress automatically.

If you’re getting any pop-up notifications on your Smash dashboard to compress any images, then you can simply compress the images by just clicking on “BULK SMUSH NOW” option.

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